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Our pricing is perfectly simple.

A Song
By this, we mean a completed, recorded work whether this be a song or an instrumental piece and refers to both the recording and the lyrics where appropriate.
7 per song
Lyrics / poem

This applies to the written word only.
4 per lyric / poem

The prices shown are ONE-OFF payments. There is no set period, there is no limited period of cover. It is not renewable in 2, 5 or even 10 years.

Once you register your work with us, you have copyright protection FOR LIFE.

Why So Simple?

It's a busy. busy world. We have so many things to juggle, so many things to organize that life is complicated enough. The creative musician wants to spend time creating. Who wants to sit and work out sums? Who wants to follow a complicated formula?

And who would much prefer a simple, straightforward PRICE PER ITEM?

This enables us to treat each piece of work individually.

Why so sensible?

We fully understand the needs of the creative musician. We understand that protecting the copyright for your work needs to be affordable and our pricing reflects this. We also hope that, by making it so affordable and effective, that you will come back to us to protect ALL of your future work.

And that is just sensible!

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