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Welcome to Sensible Copyright Solutions.

First things first. As soon as you create a piece of music, a lyric or a song, you own the Copyright on it. It is yours. There is nothing you need to do to have that copyright. It is automatically your OWN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

What you do need to do, however, is to find a way to protect your copyright and to prove that the work is yours should the need to do so arise.

If you are in a band, if you are a songwriter, a lyricist, a composer or someone who creates their own original work, then Sensible Copyright Solutions can help you to protect your creations.

Copyright protection is absolutely essential if you are trying to get your music out there. You could be sending demos to record companies or music publishers. You could be making your songs available on internet sites. You could be releasing your lyrics in the hope that someone may pick them up and work with you to create a complete song.

If you are doing any of these things then you NEED copyright protection.

Your work deserves it.

You deserve it.

Traditionally, there have been three main ways of providing this much needed protection -

With a Solicitor

By far the most effective way of protecting the copyright on your work but it comes at a price that can be prohibitive to some. Apart from the initial fee, if you do get into a copyright dispute, many solicitors will charge you again for providing the proof you need.

With Your Bank Manager

An alternative is for you to take your creation along to your bank and ask the manager to sign a date-stamped statement acknowledging receipt of your song. The manager would then place your song in the bank vault. This is a very effective way of protecting your copyright but, again, it can come at a prohibitive price. Furthermore, not all bank managers are willing to give up valuable space in their vault.

With Royal Mail

A less effective method pf protecting your work is to send it to yourself by Recorded Delivery. The idea behind this is that Recorded Delivery carries with it proof of postage, proof of receipt, and proof of the date on which it was sent. When it arrives you simply leave it sealed and keep it in a safe place until it is needed. This method has several drawbacks.

Firstly, it is the ENVELOPE and not the contents that carries that much needed proof. It is not difficult to open an envelope, change the contents and then reseal it.

Secondly, although Royal Mail provide an excellent service, there is always a possibility that your package could become lost in the mail system.

Thirdly, we live in a busy, busy world. Yes, you could put the package in a safe place. How many things have you put in a safe place only to forget all about them?

Mailing your song to yourself - why it doesn't work

We are offering an alternative way of safeguarding your work

Here at Sensible Copyright Solutions, we are only too aware of just how important your work is to you. It is just as important to us.

We offer a service which will protect the copyright of your work and ensure that your property remains YOUR property.

Once you register your song / lyrics with us, we will provide a DATE-STAMPED and SIGNED acknowledgment. We will then securely store your work until such time as you need it. If you find yourself in the position whereby you need to prove ownership, there will be NO CHARGE from us to provide that proof.

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