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Our Process
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When you choose to register your work with us, there is a process we always follow

When we receive your work as an MP3 file, we immediately create an audio CD of that work. This, along with the original submission form, lyric sheet and acknowledgment letter is placed into a sealable envelope. As soon as we receive your signature form, this is placed into the envelope which is then sealed.

Your copyright will then be fully protected.

We receive your work - either on CD or as an MP3 file
In the case of MP3s, we create a CD of your song.


Acknowledgment and Signature request
You will receive a letter within 14 days of your submission acknowledging receipt of your work. There will be a unique reference number on that letter. There will also be a short form that you must sign and send back to us.

Your work is stored
The pack that we store will contain -

Your signed form

The CD with your work on it

Your original submission request



The process is less complicated if you choose to send us a CD with your work already on it. As part of the Mail Submission we would already have a copy of your signature. This means that we would be able to place your work into secure storage immediately. You would, of course, receive acknowledgment from us with your unique reference number.

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