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Frequently Asked Questions

We have received many emails from people asking the same questions. This is understandable. Here are some of those questions and, hopefully, clear answers to them

How much does it cost to copyright my work?

It doesn't cost anything to copyright your work. The copyright is automatically yours as soon as the work is created. If we are talking about a song, for example, if you have written and recorded the song then that song is yours, as is the copyright on it.

Proving this ownership is another matter entirely.

Why do I have to protect my copyright?

The deceptively simple answer is that you don't. There is no legal requirement for you to protect your work.

But imagine this: You have created a song. It is a good song. You are justifiably proud of it. You decide to share your song and send it to a record company. You hear nothing more. Several months later, someone is in the charts - doing quite well - with a song that sounds very much like yours. It gets to the chorus and you realize that, apart from one or two subtle changes IT IS YOUR SONG!!!

How do you prove it? Without some proof of ownership, you have lost.

There is no legal obligation to protect your copyright. It is the SENSIBLE thing to do.

How does your service offer protection against copyright theft?

In the unfortunate event that someone does steal your song, we can provide proof that you registered the song with us and provided a signed statement to that effect on the date given. We will also provide a sealed, dated package containing a recording of your song, a lyric sheet, your original registration request and a sworn statement from us detailing the date of submission As we are totally independent - with no vested interest - then this registration will be seen as adequate proof of ownership.

Why do you charge so little when others charge more than three times the price?

I cannot comment on the fees charged by other companies other than to say that they obviously have their own pricing policy.

I am a musician and songwriter. Like so many of our customers I have faced the problem of protecting the copyright on my songs. I could not afford the legal fees and my bank manager was one of the many who refused to place my songs in his vault. I looked for an alternative and found none, apart from mailing the songs to myself, which more often than not is not accepted as proof of ownership.

Click on the following link for many of the reasons why mailing it to yourself is not a viable option

Mailing your song to yourself - why it doesn't work

We wanted to create a method of protecting your songs that did not cost a small fortune. Our pricing reflects our understanding of the needs of the creative musician. You need something affordable, effective and safe. That's what we offer.

How do I know that you won't steal my work?

We are asked this a lot, which is good. It demonstrates two things. Firstly, that the creative musician WANTS to protect his creations and, secondly, that they are aware of the dangers of copyright theft.

All we can do is give our assurance that we will definitely not be stealing your work. Yes, we come from a musical background and yes, songwriting plays a large part in this. But it is the very process of songwriting that should give pause to think.

Would you steal someone else's work?
Would you be happy just to copy or would you prefer the whole creative process?

We understand how you feel. We feel the same way. When you create a song it is YOURS. Nobody else has created that song. It is a feeling that goes beyond words.

We understand and that is why we could never consider stealing someone else's work.

Does Sensible Copyright Solutions offer this service in the USA?

We do offer the service but suspect that it is unlikely that anyone will use it.

Unlike the UK, the US government have a centralized copyright department with whom all copyrights can be registered for a small fee.

US Copyright office

We can happily state that, although our service is cheaper, it would not be quite as effective as the US Copyright Office in proving ownership of copyright in the USA.

How often would I have to renew my copyright protection?


Once you have registered with us, that's it! It is a lifetime subscription. There is no renewal. There is no term of cover other than the rest of your life.

Do you sell furniture?

As silly as it may seem, we have received dozens of emails asking us this.

The answer is no!!!

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