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There are two ways of registering your work

Send email to the address below

Your email needs to include

Your Name
Your Address
Your Telephone Number (optional)
The title of your work
The names of all copyright holders and the percentage held by each*
The date of your submission

Don't forget to attach your file

Once you have sent the email click on the relevant PAY NOW button. Once both email and payment has been received we will process your registration as quickly as possible.

Lyric / Poem Registration

Song Registration

By Post

Click on the link below, print out the form, follow the instructions on the form and then send it to our address

Postal Registration Form

In an attempt to keep running costs down so that we can keep our prices so low, we have not subscribed to any of the available Checkout services. We fully accept that the Checkout services make for a faster process but they do not come free. Furthermore, by doing things this way it ensures that your work comes directly to us, rather than going through a third party process.

*As a general rule of thumb, the copyright is usually evenly split between music and lyrics. For example, if one person wrote the music and another wrote the lyrics, then they would each own 50% of the copyright

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