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Some VERY useful sites for musicians

go to SongRamp

SongRamp is a fantastic site full of musicians who are always willing to help you out with advice, suggestions, reviews etc.

A REALLY great place.

Get your music heard on Overplay. It is a great site that lets your music be heard. Don't forget to protect your copyright!

                           Resource - Songstuff, For Songwriters And Lyricists

Just about anything to do with songwriting on one site. A truly great resource for everyone.


Acid Loops | Drum Loops
Acid Loops and Drum Loops for Modern Hip Hop Music Production.


Another cool music community. Get yourself noticed on Cyqo Music.


A great site to get your music heard and reviewed by industry insiders. Xampy. Just don't ask me how to say it!


The Music Publishers Association gives you a directory of Music Publishers and ideas. It is an essential site for creative songwriters.


An absolutely fantastic piece of audio software. A studio on your PC as good as the leading commercial packages for an unbelievable price. FREE!!!!! If you choose it to be!


A superb FREE audio software tool. Packed with features to help anyone start recording great music on their PC


Another free audio editor and recorder. Great stuff and so easy to use.

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